Creating Chances the Issue for Kildare

After our previous article looking at the shooting stats of individual players, we decided to take a look at the overall team performance and whether that shines any light on the team’s below average performances to date in the league.

We were interested both in the number of shots attempted and the accuracy of shooting from those shots, and how both measures compared with our opponents.

We reference that intrepid Kildareman @dontfoul’s work from the article

While he reviewed mainly Division One league games from 2018, he found that there were 54 attempts on average per game, so 27 per team, and that the average accuracy rate (scores per attempt) was 52.5%, so about 14 scores per team per game. The accuracy from placed balls was 72.2% while the accuracy from play was naturally lower at 46.6%.


Armed with those benchmarks we look first at Kildare’s shot attempts (and those of their opponents):

The table above shows the Attempts from Play, Placed Balls and in Total by Kildare in each of their five games to date, as well as the same data for their opponents.

For example, against Armagh we had 17 total attempts (15 from play) while Armagh had 28 (21 from play).

Indeed the only game in which Kildare fashioned more attempts than their opponents was the most recent game against Laois (31 versus 20). Indeed that was the only game in which we exceeded the “dontfoul benchmark” of 27 per game. Our average attempts over the five games was 21 while our opponents averaged 23.


From an accuracy perspective, how do we compare with the dontfoul benchmarks (46.6% from play and 72.2% from placed balls?).  The table below helps us to look at that:

Now we see that we’re not doing quite so bad, with 54% accuracy from play and 74% from placed balls. We clearly should have won the Laois game by a lot more than we did, given the accuracy scores from both play and placed balls.  Conditions of course play a role and I can’t compare the weather we’ve played in this season with those of 2018, but I suspect this year is worse!

In terms of our opponents accuracy they are shooting on average only 42.2% from play (with Fermanagh and Laois very poor at 35% each) and from placed balls 72.8%, below Kildare in both cases.

So the quality of our shooting is not the problem, it is the number of attempts we are creating that is going wrong to date. Perhaps we are trying to follow Dublin’s lead in being patient and working our way into the danger zone before making an attempt?

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