2020 SH Match Details

Here are Kildare Senior Hurlers’ Match by Match Line-Ups and Scorers for the 2020 season.

The table shows all competitions played for that year.

(CR) = Christy Ring Cup

(KC) = Kehoe Cup

(L) = National Hurling League

Players substituted are signified by Sx after their name eg. S1 indicates a player substituted by the first named Sub in the table.

PosOffaly (KC)Down (KC)London (L)Warwickshire (L)Roscommon (L)Down (L)Derry (L)
1Mark DoylePaddy McKennaPaddy McKennaPaddy McKennaPaddy McKennaPaddy McKennaPaddy McKenna
2Niall Ó MuineacháinConor GordonSimon LeacyCian FordeConor GordonCian FordeCian Forde
3John DoranRian BoranAran Kelly S1Simon LeacyJohn DoranJohn DoranJohn Doran
4Cathal DerivanSimon LeacyCian FordeRian Boran S4Simon LeacySimon LeacySimon Leacy
5Simon Leacy 0-1Niall Ó MuineacháinNiall Ó MuineacháinNiall Ó Muineacháin 0-2Niall Ó Muineacháin 0-1Niall Ó MuineacháinNiall Ó Muineacháin
6Rian Boran S4Ross KellyRoss Kelly 0-1Aran KellyRoss KellyRoss KellyRoss Kelly
7Drew Costello S5Seán Christiansen S5Rian BoranCathal Derivan 0-1Rian BoranRian BoranRian Boran
8Aran Kelly S1Paul Divilly S3Paul Divilly 0-1Paul Divilly S3Paul Divilly S3 0-2Paul Divilly 0-1Jack Travers
9Ronan Dunne S2Conor Kielty S6Cathal Dowling S3 0-1Mark DelaneyAran KellyAran Kelly S1Paul Divilly
10Jack Sheridan 0-5Tadhg Forde S4 0-2Mark Delaney S4 0-3Cathal DowlingCathal Dowling S2 0-2Cathal DowlingCathal Dowling S1 0-1
11James BurkeLiam Dempsey S1 0-1Brian Byrne 1-13Brian Byrne 3-9Brian Byrne 1-11Brian Byrne 0-5Brian Byrne 1-2
12Caolan SmithConor Dowling S7 0-3James Burke 0-1James Burke S2 0-3James Burke 1-0James Burke 0-2James Burke 0-1
13Seán WhelanCaolan Smith 0-1Tadhg Forde S2 0-1Conor Kielty S1Conor Kielty S1 1-0Caolan Smith S2Caolan Smith 0-2
14Cathal Melville S3 0-1Cian Forde S2Jack Sheridan 1-4Jack Sheridan 0-2Jack Sheridan 2-4Jack Sheridan 0-4Jack Sheridan 2-7
15Mark Delaney S6 0-7Shane Ryan 0-2Shane RyanShane Ryan S5 1-1Shane Ryan 0-1Shane Ryan 1-0Shane Ryan S2
S1Cathal DowlingJames BurkeSeán Christiansen 0-1Declan Molloy 1-0Caolan SmithJack TraversSean Christiansen
S2Conor Dowling 0-1Aran KellyConor KieltyCathal MelvilleConor DowlingConor KieltyConor Kielty
S3Shane Ryan 0-3Mark Delaney 0-3Conor DowlingLiam DempseyCathal Melville
S4Conor GordonJack SheridanCathal MelvilleRonan Dunne
S5Rian BoranCathal DerivanSeán Whelan 0-1
S6Jamie ConnollySeán Whelan
S7Drew Costello