1977/78 SF Match Details

Here are Kildare Senior Footballers’ Match by Match Line-Ups and Scorers for the 1977/78 season.

The table shows all competitions played for that year.

(CH) = Championship

(O) = O’Byrne Cup

(L) = National Football League

Players substituted are signified by Sx after their name eg. S1 indicates a player substituted by the first named Sub in the table.

PosGalway (L)Offaly (L)Dublin (L)Cork (L)Kerry (L)Down (L)Down (L)Louth (C)Meath (C)Wicklow (C)Dublin (C)
1Ollie CrinniganOllie CrinniganOllie CrinniganOllie CrinniganOllie CrinniganOllie CrinniganOllie CrinniganOllie CrinniganOllie CrinniganOllie CrinniganOllie Crinnigan
2Denis DaltonDenis DaltonDenis DaltonDenis DaltonDenis DaltonDenis Dalton 1-0Denis DaltonDenis DaltonDenis DaltonDenis DaltonDenis Dalton 1-0
3Paddy O'DonoghuePaddy O'DonoghuePaddy O'DonoghuePaddy O'DonoghuePaddy O'DonoghuePaddy O'DonoghueEamon O'DonoghueEamon O'DonoghueEamon O'DonoghueEamon O'DonoghueEamon O'Donoghue
4Martin LynchFrank MulliganFrank MulliganFrank MulliganFrank Mulligan S1Frank MulliganFrank MulliganFrank Mulligan 0-1Frank MulliganFrank MulliganFrank Mulligan
5Joe GiblinJoe GiblinJoe GiblinJoe GiblinJoe GiblinJoe GiblinJoe GiblinJoe GiblinJoe GiblinJoe GiblinJoe Giblin
6Eamon O'DonoghueEamon O'DonoghueEamon O'DonoghueEamon O'DonoghueEamon O'DonoghueJohn CroftonJohn CroftonJohn Crofton 0-1John CroftonJohn Crofton 0-1John Crofton
7Frank MulliganPat Kenny S1Dermot ReillyDermot ReillyDermot ReillyDermot ReillyDermot Reilly S3Dermot ReillyDermot ReillyDermot ReillyDermot Reilly
8John CroftonJohn GeogheganJohn GeogheganJohn CroftonJohn CroftonEamon O'DonoghuePaddy O'DonoghueDave Hyland 0-2John Geoghegan 0-1John Geoghegan 1-3John Geoghegan S1
9John GeogheganJohn CroftonJohn CroftonJohn Geoghegan 0-1John Geoghegan 0-1John Geoghegan S1Hugh Hyland S1 0-1John Geoghegan 0-1Dave HylandDave HylandDave Hyland
10Dermot ReillyDermot ReillyAmbrose Bracken 0-2Ambrose Bracken 1-0Ambrose Bracken S2Hugh Hyland 0-2Pat Dunny 0-1Hugh Hyland 0-1Hugh Hyland 0-4Hugh Hyland 1-1Hugh Hyland
11Pat Mangan 0-1Pat Mangan 1-0Pat Mangan 0-1Pat ManganPat Mangan 0-1Pat ManganPat ManganPat Mangan 0-2Pat Mangan 1-3Pat Mangan 0-1Pat Mangan
12Gerry PowerGerry Power 2-0Mick Condon S1 0-1Gerry PowerGerry PowerGerry Power 1-0Mick CondonGerry Power 2-0Gerry Power 0-2Gerry PowerGerry Power S2
13Pat Dunny 0-1Pat DunnyGerry Power S2 0-1Pat Dunny 0-2Pat DunnyPat Dunny 0-1Gerry PowerMick Condon 1-1Mick Condon 1-2Mick Condon 2-1Mick Condon 0-2
14Tommy Carew 0-8Tommy Carew 1-2Tommy Carew 1-2Mick Gorman 1-0Mick Gorman S3Tommy Carew 0-3Tommy Carew 0-8Pat Dunny S1Pat Dunny S1Pat Dunny 0-1Pat Dunny 0-1
15Brian O'Doherty 0-1Brian O'Doherty S2Pat Dunny 0-1Tommy Carew 1-2Tommy Carew 1-4Mick Moore S2Mick Moore 0-1Tommy Carew 1-6Tommy Carew 1-2Tommy Carew 0-6Tommy Carew 0-3
S1Mick Condon 0-1Paddy SwordsMartin LynchMick Condon 1-1John Geoghegan S2Paul O'FlahertyPaul O'FlahertyPaul O'FlahertyPaddy O'Donoghue
S2Liam O'NeillBrian O'DohertyHugh HylandMartin LynchHugh HylandMick Moore
S3Ray O'SullivanBrian O'Doherty