1989/90 SF Match Details

Here are Kildare Senior Footballers’ Match by Match Line-Ups and Scorers for the 1989/90 season.

The table shows all competitions played for that year.

(CH) = Championship

(O) = O’Byrne Cup

(L) = National Football League

Players substituted are signified by Sx after their name eg. S1 indicates a player substituted by the first named Sub in the table.

PosWaterford (L)Wicklow (L)Tipperary (L)Limerick (L)Kilkenny (L)Clare (L)Carlow (L)Wicklow (L)Cork (L)Carlow (O)Wexford (O)Longford (L)Wexford (CH)Louth (O)Wicklow (CH)
1Sean SargentSean SargentSean SargentSean SargentSean SargentSean SargentSean SargentSean SargentSean SargentSean SargentSean SargentSean SargentSean SargentSean SargentSean Sargent
2Davy DaltonDavy DaltonDavy DaltonDavy DaltonDavy DaltonDavy DaltonDavy DaltonDavy DaltonDavy DaltonPeter McConnonDavy DaltonDavy DaltonDavy DaltonDavy DaltonDavy Dalton
3Paddy O'DonoghuePaddy O'DonoghuePaddy O'DonoghuePaddy O'DonoghueDavid MaloneDavid MaloneDavid MaloneDavid MaloneDavid MaloneDavy DaltonDavid MaloneDavid MaloneDavid MaloneDavid MaloneDavid Malone
4PJ DoranPJ DoranPJ DoranPJ DoranBill SexBill SexBill SexBill SexBill SexPJ DoranPJ DoranBill SexPeter McConnonPJ DoranPeter McConnon
5Sean Ryan 0-1Sean RyanSean RyanSean RyanSean RyanSean RyanSean Ryan 0-1Sean RyanSean RyanPascal EnnisSean RyanSean RyanSean RyanSean RyanSean Ryan
6Sean McGovernSean McGovernSean McGovernSean McGovernSean McGovernSean McGovernSean McGovern 0-1Sean McGovernSean McGovernMichael NevinSean McGovernPeter McConnonBill SexBill SexBill Sex
7Seamus Dowling S3Seamus Dowling 0-1Seamus Dowling 0-1Seamus DowlingSeamus DowlingSeamus DowlingPJ DoranSeamus DowlingSeamus DowlingGary CoffeySeamus DowlingSean McGovernSeamus Dowling 0-1Seamus DowlingSeamus Dowling
8David Malone S1 0-2David MaloneDavid MaloneDavid MalonePaddy O'Donoghue 0-1Paddy O'Donoghue 0-1Paddy O'Donoghue 0-3Brian Donovan 0-1Paddy O'DonoghueMartin Lynch 0-5Brian Donovan 0-1Brian Donovan S1Brian DonovanBrian Donovan S2 1-0Brian Donovan
9Brian Donovan 0-2Brian DonovanBrian Donovan S2 0-1Joe O'Donoghue S2 0-1Brian Donovan 0-7Brian Donovan 0-2Brian DonovanPaddy O'Donoghue 0-1Martin LynchJarlath Gilroy 0-4Joe O'Donoghue 0-1Joe O'DonoghueSean McGovern S2Sean McGovern 0-1Sean McGovern 0-1
10Martin Lynch 0-3Martin LynchMartin Lynch 0-2Martin LynchJoe O'Donoghue 0-4Joe O'Donoghue 0-3Joe O'Donoghue S2Martin LynchBrian Donovan 0-1Clifford BarryDavid FenninJarlath Gilroy 0-3Joe O'DonoghueJoe O'DonoghueMartin Lynch
11Liam Miley S2 1-2Liam Miley 1-3Liam Miley S3 0-4Brian Donovan 0-1Liam Miley S1 0-2Liam Miley S1Liam Miley 0-2Jarlath Gilroy 0-3Jarlath Gilroy S1Johnny McDonald 0-1Paddy O'Donoghue 2-1Paddy O'DonoghuePaddy O'Donoghue S1 0-1Paddy O'Donoghue 0-1Paddy O'Donoghue S1
12Tom HarrisTom Harris 0-1Tom Harris 1-1Tom Harris 1-1Tom Harris 0-2Tom Harris 1-1Tom HarrisTom Harris 1-1Tom Harris S2 1-0Tom Harris 0-1Clifford Barry 0-3Clifford Barry 0-2Tom Harris 1-0David FenninTom Harris 0-1
13David Fennin 2-4David Fennin S1Liam McLoughlin 0-1Liam McLoughlin S1Declan Kerrigan 2-6Declan Kerrigan 0-2Declan Kerrigan 3-5Declan Kerrigan 1-3Declan Kerrigan 1-0Niall O'ConnorDeclan Kerrigan 0-3Declan Kerrigan 1-3Declan Kerrigan 0-3Declan Kerrigan S1 0-2Declan Kerrigan S2 0-1
14Jarlath Gilroy 0-5Jarlath Gilroy 1-0Declan Kerrigan S1 0-3Declan Kerrigan 0-2David Fennin 2-1David Fennin S2David Fennin 1-0David Fennin S1David Fennin 1-1David Fennin 1-0John CroftonJohn Crofton S3 0-3John Crofton 2-0John CroftonJohn Crofton 0-3
15John Crofton 1-1John Crofton 1-2Jarlath Gilroy 2-3Jarlath Gilroy 0-2John CroftonJohn Crofton 1-0John Crofton S1Liam MileyLiam Miley 1-1Liam MileyLiam Miley 0-2Liam Miley S2Jarlath Gilroy 0-3Liam Miley S3Jarlath Gilroy
S1Shane PurcellDeclan Kerrigan 0-3Joe O'DonoghuePaul McLoughlin 0-1Jarlath Gilroy 0-2Jarlath Gilroy 0-1Jarlath Gilroy 0-1Joe O'DonoghueJohn Crofton 0-1Sean RyanMartin Lynch 0-1Liam MileyMartin Lynch 0-1Paul McLoughlin
S2Declan Kerrigan 0-4Michael Nevin 0-1David FenninMartin LynchMartin LynchJoe O'Donoghue 0-1David Fennin 0-1Clifford BarryClifford Barry 0-1David Fennin
S3Peter McConnonPeter McConnonTom HarrisMichael Nevin