1997/98 SF Match Details

Here are Kildare Senior Footballers’ Match by Match Line-Ups and Scorers for the 1997/98 season.

The first table shows Championship 1998 details and underneath that are the O’Byrne Cup and National Football League (Div D) details.

(CH) = Championship

(O) = O’Byrne Cup

(L) = National Football League

Players substituted are signified by Sx after their name eg. S1 indicates a player substituted by the first named Sub in the table.

Championship 1998

PosDublin (CH)Dublin (CH)Laois (CH)Meath (CH)Kerry (CH)Galway (CH)
1Christy ByrneChristy ByrneChristy ByrneChristy ByrneChristy ByrneChristy Byrne
2Brian LaceyBrian LaceyBrian LaceyBrian LaceyBrian LaceyBrian Lacey
3Davy Dalton S1Ronan QuinnJohn FinnRonan QuinnRonan QuinnJohn Finn
4Ken DoyleKen Doyle S1Seamus DowlingSeamus DowlingSeamus Dowling S1Ken Doyle
5Anthony RainbowJohn FinnJohn FinnJohn FinnJohn Finn 0-1Seamus Dowling
6Glen RyanGlen Ryan 0-1Glen RyanGlen RyanGlen RyanGlen Ryan
7John FinnAnthony Rainbow 0-1Anthony RainbowAnthony Rainbow 0-1Anthony RainbowAnthony Rainbow
8Niall Buckley 0-2Niall Buckley 0-3Niall Buckley 0-1Niall BuckleyDermot EarleyNiall Buckley 0-1
9Willie McCreeryWillie McCreeryWillie McCreeryWillie McCreery 0-2Willie McCreeryWillie McCreery
10Eddie McCormack 0-2Eddie McCormack 0-2Eddie McCormack 0-1Eddie McCormack 0-2Eddie McCormack 0-3Eddie McCormack 0-2
11Declan KerriganDeclan KerriganDeclan Kerrigan S2Declan Kerrigan S1 0-1Declan KerriganDeclan Kerrigan 0-1
12Dermot EarleyDermot EarleyDermot Earley 0-1Dermot EarleyKen DoyleDermot Earley 1-1
13Martin LynchMartin LynchMartin Lynch S1 0-1Martin LynchMartin Lynch 0-2Martin Lynch S2
14Karl O'Dwyer S2 0-2Karl O'Dwyer 0-1Karl O'Dwyer 0-3Karl O'Dwyer 0-2Karl O'Dwyer 0-3Karl O'Dwyer 0-2
15Padraig Gravin 0-4Padraig Gravin 0-4Padraig Gravin 1-5Padraig Gravin 0-4Padraig Gravin S2 0-3Padraig Gravin S1
S1Ronan QuinnSeamus DowlingPadraig Brennan 0-1Brian Murphy 1-0Davy DaltonPadraig Brennan 0-3
S2Brian MurphyCathal SheridanPadraig Brennan 0-1Brian Murphy

O’Byrne Cup & National Football League (Div D) 1997/98

PosWaterford (L)Limerick (L)Tipperary (L)Wicklow (L)Down (L)Louth (O)Cork (L)Clare (L)Roscommon (L)
1Christy ByrneChristy ByrneChristy ByrneChristy ByrneChristy ByrnePaul FloodChristy ByrneChristy ByrneChristy Byrne
2Ken DoyleSean O'RourkeKen DoyleKen DoyleBrian LaceyEmmet MulhallSeamus DowlingSeamus DowlingDavy Dalton
3John FinnRonan QuinnRonan QuinnRonan QuinnRonan QuinnRonan QuinnRonan QuinnRonan QuinnRonan Quinn
4Ronan QuinnKen DoyleMartin RyanBrian FahyBrian FahyDerek Maher S3Ken DoyleDavy DaltonKen Doyle
5Martin RyanMartin RyanDenis McCormack S1Anthony RainbowJohn FinnBrian LaceyAnthony RainbowBrian LaceyBrian Lacey
6Glen Ryan 0-2Glen RyanGlen RyanGlen RyanNiall BuckleyMartin RyanGlen Ryan S1Willie McCreeryGlen Ryan 0-1
7Derek MaherDerek MaherDerek MaherDerek MaherDerek MaherBrian MoylanBrian LaceyMartin RyanMartin Ryan
8Martin LynchNiall Buckley 0-6Niall Buckley 0-1Niall Buckley 0-2Brian MurphyDermot EarleyNiall Buckley 0-2Niall Buckley 0-1Niall Buckley S1 0-4
9Anthony Rainbow 0-1Killian BrennanKillian Brennan S2Killian BrennanKillian BrennanAnthony RainbowDermot EarleyDermot EarleyWillie McCreery
10Eddie McCormack 0-3John Whelan 0-2John Whelan 0-1John WhelanJohn Whelan S1Paul McCormack 1-1Padraig GravinDamien BehanJohn Whelan
11Declan KerriganDeclan Kerrigan 0-2Declan KerriganDeclan Kerrigan 0-4Declan Kerrigan 0-2Gavin Keane 0-2Declan KerriganDeclan Kerrigan 0-2Declan Kerrigan 0-2
12Paul McCormack 0-2Johnny Owens S2Damien Behan S3 0-1Bosco French 0-2Martin Lynch 0-1John Whelan S2John Whelan 0-2John Whelan S1Damien Behan
13Padraig Brennan 0-6Padraig Brennan 1-2Padraig Brennan 1-1Padraig Brennan 0-4Padraig Brennan 0-4Damien Behan S1 0-1Padraig Brennan 0-1Padraig Brennan 0-12Padraig Brennan 1-1
14Brian Murphy S1Noel Donlan S1Noel Donlan 1-3Noel Donlan 0-1Noel Donlan S2Brian Murphy 0-1Noel Donlan S2 0-1Karl O'DwyerKarl O'Dwyer 0-1
15Adrian McAndrew 0-2Adrian McAndrew 0-2Adrian McAndrew 0-2Adrian McAndrew S1Bosco French 1-1Liam Ryan 0-2Karl O'Dwyer 0-1Brian Murphy 1-0Brian Murphy 0-1
S1Barry QuinnBarry Quinn 1-0John FinnMartin LynchPaul McCormackPadraig Brennan 0-1Martin RyanEddie McCormack S2Eddie McCormack
S2Damien Behan 0-1Martin LynchGavin KeanePadraig GravinDamien Behan 0-1Padraig Gravin
S3Bosco FrenchDerek McCormack