2001/2 SF Match Details

Here are Kildare Senior Footballers’ Match by Match Line-Ups and Scorers for the 2001/2 season.

The first table shows Championship 2002 details and underneath that are the O’Byrne Cup and National Football League (Div 1B) details.

(CH) = Championship

(O) = O’Byrne Cup

(L) = National Football League

Players substituted are signified by Sx after their name eg. S1 indicates a player substituted by the first named Sub in the table.

Championship 2002

PosLouth (CH)Offaly (CH)Offaly (CH)Dublin (CH)Kerry (CH)
1Enda MurphyEnda MurphyEnda MurphyEnda MurphyEnda Murphy
2Brian LaceyBrian LaceyBrian LaceyBrian LaceyBrian Lacey
3Padraig MullarkeyPadraig MullarkeyPadraig Mullarkey S1Padraig MullarkeyGlen Ryan
4Ken DoyleKen DoyleKen DoyleKen DoyleKen Doyle
5Tom Harris S4Tom HarrisTom Harris S3Kenny Duane S4Kenny Duane
6Damien HendyDamien HendyDamien HendyDamien Hendy S1Damien Hendy
7Anthony RainbowAnthony RainbowAnthony RainbowAnthony RainbowAnthony Rainbow
8Killian BrennanKillian BrennanKillian Brennan S2Killian BrennanKillian Brennan S3
9Ronan Sweeney S2 0-1Dermot Earley 0-1Dermot Earley 1-0Dermot EarleyDermot Earley 1-0
10Derek McCormack S1 0-1Eddie McCormack S2 0-1Eddie McCormack S5 1-1Eddie McCormackEddie McCormack S1
11Karl O'Dwyer 0-4John Doyle 0-2John Doyle 0-3Karl O'Dwyer S2 0-1John Doyle 0-4
12John Doyle S3 0-1Ronan Sweeney 0-1Ronan Sweeney 1-1Ronan SweeneyRonan Sweeney
13Tadhg Fennin 0-1Tadhg Fennin 1-0Padraig Brennan S4Tadhg Fennin 2-2Tadhg Fennin
14Martin Lynch 0-3Martin Lynch 0-3Martin Lynch 0-1Martin Lynch S3Martin Lynch
15Stuart McKenzie-SmithStuart McKenzie-Smith S1Tadhg Fennin 0-2John Doyle 0-7Patrick Murray S4
S1Eddie McCormackPadraig Hurley 0-1Ronan Quinn S6Glen RyanDerek McCormack S2
S2Dermot EarleyDerek McCormackKarl O'DwyerPatrick Murray 0-1Padraig Brennan
S3Padraig Brennan 0-1Glen RyanStuart McKenzie-SmithPadraig Hurley 0-1
S4Padraig Hurley S7Tom HarrisKarl O'Dwyer S5
S5Kenny DuaneTom Harris

O’Byrne Cup & National Football League (Div 1B) 2001/2

PosWexford (O)Wicklow (O)Laois (O)Sligo (L)Derry (L)Cavan (L)Fermanagh (L)Mayo (L)Down (L)Clare (L)
1Enda MurphyEnda MurphyEnda MurphyEnda MurphyEnda MurphyEnda MurphyEnda MurphyEnda MurphyEnda MurphyChristy Byrne S3
2Brian LaceyCormac DaveyJohn Wiltshire S2 0-1Cormac DaveyCormac Davey S1Padraig Mullarkey S1Kenny DuaneKen DoyleJohn WiltshireJohn Wiltshire S4
3Padraig MullarkeyPadraig MullarkeyCormac DaveyRonan Quinn S1Ronan QuinnRonan QuinnRonan QuinnCormac DaveyPadraig MullarkeyPadraig Mullarkey
4John WiltshireKen DoyleKen DoyleKen DoyleKen DoyleKen DoyleKen DoyleMick Wright S1Ken DoyleKen Doyle
5Fergal Aspell S3Brian LaceyTom HarrisBrian LaceyTom HarrisTom Harris 0-1Tom HarrisTom HarrisTom Harris S1 0-1Tom Harris
6Tom HarrisAnthony RainbowAnthony RainbowMick WrightAnthony RainbowAnthony RainbowAnthony RainbowAnthony RainbowDamien HendyDamien Hendy
7Anthony RainbowDominic GruffertyDominic Grufferty S3Tom Harris S4Mick Wright S2Kenny DuaneMick WrightKenny DuaneAnthony Rainbow 0-2Anthony Rainbow
8Killian BrennanKillian BrennanKillian BrennanKillian Brennan S2Killian BrennanKillian BrennanKillian Brennan S3 0-1Killian Brennan S2Killian Brennan 0-1Killian Brennan S1
9Ronan SweeneyMick WrightColm Quinn S4Ronan Sweeney S5Alan HarrisAlan HarrisAlan HarrisRonan SweeneyRonan SweeneyRonan Sweeney
10Colm O'Reilly 0-3Colm O'ReillyColm O'Reilly 0-1Derek McCormack 0-4Derek McCormack 0-2Patrick Murray S4 0-3Patrick Murray S2Martin Lynch 0-2Martin Lynch 0-5Eddie McCormack S2
11John Doyle S2John O'Donoghue S1 0-1John O'DonoghueKarl O'Dwyer S3 0-2Karl O'Dwyer 0-10Karl O'Dwyer 0-3Karl O'Dwyer S1 0-2Leonard Donlan 0-1Karl O'Dwyer 0-1Karl O'Dwyer 0-3
12Derek McCormackJohn Doyle 1-1John Doyle 0-2John Doyle S6 0-1John Doyle 1-0Stuart McKenzie-Smith S2 0-1Brian Moylan 0-1John Doyle S3 0-2John Doyle 1-0John Doyle
13Patrick Murray S1 0-2Tadhg Fennin 0-7Tadhg Fennin 0-2Tadhg Fennin 0-3Colm O'Reilly S3Tadhg Fennin 0-4Tadhg Fennin 0-2Tadhg Fennin S4 0-1Tadhg Fennin 0-6Brian Moylan 0-2
14Tadhg Fennin 0-3Leonard DonlanLeonard Donlan 0-2Leonard DonlanLeonard Donlan 0-1Leonard DonlanLeonard Donlan 0-2Alan Harris S5Brian Murphy 0-1Martin Lynch 1-4
15David Jordan 0-1David Jordan 0-1David Jordan S1David Jordan 0-1Tadhg Fennin 0-1Derek McCormack S3 1-0David Jordan 1-1David Jordan 0-1Stuart McKenzie-SmithStuart McKenzie-Smith s5 1-1
S1John O'Donoghue 0-2Derek McCormackKarl O'Dwyer 0-2Kenny DuanePadraig MullarkeyMick WrightRonan SweeneyJohn WiltshireKenny DuanePat Winders
S2Colm QuinnFergal AspellPat WindersKenny Duane 0-1Brian MurphyBrian MurphyPatrick MurrayDavid Jordan 0-2
S3Mick WrightDerek McCormackColm O'ReillyEddie McCormackDavid JordanColm QuinnBrian MurphyEnda Murphy
S4Kenny DuaneStuart McKenzie-SmithColm O'ReillyEddie McCormackKenny Duane
S5John WiltshirePadraig Mullarkey
S6Eddie McCormack 0-1