2005 SF Match Details

Here are Kildare Senior Footballers’ Match by Match Line-Ups and Scorers for 2005.

The first table shows Championship 2005 details and underneath that are the O’Byrne Cup and National Football League (Div 1B) details.

(CH) = Championship

(O) = O’Byrne Cup

(L) = National Football League

Players substituted are signified by Sx after their name eg. S1 indicates a player substituted by the first named Sub in the table.

Championship 2005

PosWicklow (CH)Westmeath (CH)Laois (CH)Sligo (CH)
1Enda MurphyEnda MurphyEnda MurphyEnda Murphy
2Anthony RainbowAnthony RainbowAndriu MacLochlainnAnthony Rainbow
3Damien Hendy S2Padraig Mullarkey S3Anthony RainbowAndriu MacLochlainn
4Padraig MullarkeyJames LonerganJames LonerganPadraig Mullarkey S4
5Mick Foley 0-1Mick WrightMick Wright S1David Lyons 0-1
6Glen RyanGlen RyanGlen RyanDamien Hendy S1
7David LyonsKarl EnnisKarl EnnisKarl Ennis
8Killian Brennan S3 0-1Killian BrennanKillian Brennan S4Killian Brennan S3
9Willie HeffernanMick Foley S4 0-1Mick Foley 0-2Dermot Earley
10Eamon Callaghan 0-3Eamon Callaghan S2Derek McCormack S3 0-2Mick Foley S5
11Padraig O'Neill S1Dermot Earley 0-1Dermot EarleyRoss Glavin S2
12Ronan Sweeney 0-1Ronan Sweeney 0-1Ronan SweeneyJames Kavanagh
13Tadhg Fennin 1-3Tadhg Fennin 0-4Tadhg Fennin S5 0-1Tadhg Fennin 0-7
14Stuart McKenzie-Smith S4Ross Glavin S1Ross Glavin S2Ronan Sweeney
15John Doyle 0-7John Doyle 0-6John Doyle 0-2John Doyle 1-2
S1Mark HogartyDerek McCormack 0-1Eamon CallaghanTomas O'Connor
S2Karl Ennis 0-1Stuart McKenzie-SmithStuart McKenzie-Smith 0-1Tommy O'Neill
S3Dermot EarleyDamien HendyWillie Heffernan 0-1Willie Heffernan
S4James KavanaghWillie HeffernanAlan BarryMark Hogarty
S5James KavanaghMick Wright

O’Byrne Cup & National Football League (Div 1B) 2005

PosDundalk IT (O)Meath (O)Laois (O)Galway (L)Wexford (L)Down (L)Laois (L)Limerick (L)Arrmagh (L)Sligo (L)
1Enda MurphyEnda MurphyEnda MurphyEnda MurphyEnda MurphyEnda MurphyEnda MurphyEnda MurphyEnda MurphyEnda Murphy
2Damien HendyDamien Hendy S2Mick WrightEamon CallaghanAnthony RainbowAnthony RainbowAnthony RainbowAnthony RainbowAnthony RainbowAnthony Rainbow
3Padraig MullarkeyPadraig Mullarkey S3Damien HendyDavid HughesDavid HughesDamien HendyDamien HendyDamien HendyDamien HendyDamien Hendy
4Andriu MacLochlainn S2Andriu MacLochlainnAndriu MacLochlainnAndriu MacLochlainnAndriu MacLochlainnAndriu MacLochlainnAndriu MacLochlainnAndriu MacLochlainnAndriu MacLochlainnAndriu MacLochlainn
5Anthony Rainbow S1 0-1Eamon Callaghan 0-2Aaron Flood S3Anthony RainbowEamon CallaghanMick WrightMick WrightMick WrightMick WrightMick Wright S6 0-1
6Mick FoleyMick FoleyMick FoleyMick FoleyGlen Ryan S1Glen Ryan S2Glen Ryan 0-1Glen RyanGlen RyanGlen Ryan
7Mick WrightKarl EnnisKarl EnnisDavid Lyons S1Karl EnnisKarl EnnisKarl EnnisKarl EnnisKarl EnnisKarl Ennis S4
8Killian Brennan 0-1Killian BrennanKillian BrennanKillian BrennanMick FoleyKillian BrennanKillian BrennanKillian Brennan S2Killian BrennanKillian Brennan S5
9Willie Heffernan S3Willie Heffernan S1Willie Heffernan S1John Doyle 0-2Killian BrennanMick Foley 0-1Mick Foley S1 0-1Mick Foley 0-3Mick Foley S2Mick Foley S3
10Derek McCormack 0-3David Lyons 0-1David LyonsKarl Ennis S3Derek McCormack 0-1Eamon Callaghan 0-3Eamon Callaghan 0-2Eamon Callaghan 0-4Eamon Callaghan 0-1Eamon Callaghan 0-1
11Morgan O'Sullivan 0-4John Doyle 0-5John Doyle 0-2Ross GlavinRoss Glavin S3Derek McCormack 0-1Derek McCormack 0-2Derek McCormack 0-2Derek McCormack 0-1Derek McCormack S1 0-2
12Eamon Callaghan 0-1Morgan O'Sullivan 0-2Eamon Callaghan S4 0-1Derek McCormack 0-2Ronan SweeneyRonan Sweeney S1Ronan SweeneyRonan Sweeney 0-1Ronan SweeneyRonan Sweeney 0-1
13Tadhg Fennin S4 0-4Ross Glavin 1-0Ross Glavin S2Tadhg Fennin 0-3Tadhg Fennin 0-1Tadhg Fennin 1-2Tadhg Fennin S2 0-2Tadhg Fennin 0-5Tadhg Fennin 0-3Tadhg Fennin 1-5
14Ronan Sweeney 1-3Ronan Sweeney 1-0Ronan Sweeney 2-2Ronan SweeneyPadraig DonnellyRoss Glavin 0-1Ross Glavin S3 0-1Ross GlavinRoss Glavin S1Ross Glavin S2 0-1
15John O'Donoghue S5 0-8Padraig Donnelly 0-1John O'Donoghue 0-2John O'Donoghue S2 0-1John Doyle 1-6John Doyle 0-9John Doyle S4 0-4James Kavanagh S1 1-2John Doyle 1-5John Doyle 1-3
S1Aaron FloodTommy ArchibaldDerek McCormack 0-2Glen RyanJames Kavanagh S2Morgan O'SullivanMorgan O'SullivanStuart McKenzie-SmithStuart McKenzie-SmithMorgan O'Sullivan
S2Colm ClarkeMick WrightTommy ArchibaldTommy ArchibaldTommy Archibald 0-1Alan BarryStuart McKenzie-SmithPadraig MullarkeyPadraig MullarkeyStuart McKenzie-Smith
S3Daryl Flynn 0-1David HughesDaryl FlynnJames KavanaghJohn O'DonoghueTommy ArchibaldWillie Heffernan
S4Neil Farragher 0-1Tadhg FenninAlan BarryPadraig Mullarkey
S5Padraig Donnelly 1-0Alan Barry
S6David Lyons