2007 SF Match Details

No Gold At the End of the Rainbow as Kildare crash to Louth
No Gold At the End of the Rainbow as Kildare crash to Louth

Here are Kildare Senior Footballers’ Match by Match Line-Ups and Scorers for 2007.

The first table shows Championship 2007 details and underneath that are the O’Byrne Cup and National Football League (Div 1B) details.

(CH) = Championship

(O) = O’Byrne Cup

(L) = National Football League


Players substituted are signified by Sx after their name eg. S1 indicates a player substituted by the first named Sub in the table.

Championship 2007

PosMeath (CH)Roscommon (CH)Louth (CH)
1Enda MurphyEnda MurphyEnda Murphy
2David LyonsEamon CallaghanEamon Callaghan 0-1
3Eamon CallaghanKevin O'NeillKevin O'Neill
4Andriu MacLochlainnAndriu MacLochlainnAndriu MacLochlainn S3
5Anthony Rainbow 0-1Anthony RainbowAnthony Rainbow
6Mark Hogarty S3Mark HogartyMark Hogarty
7Emmet Bolton S5 1-1Emmet Bolton 0-1Emmet Bolton 0-1
8Kevin O'NeillRonan SweeneyRonan Sweeney
9Ross GlavinDavid Lyons S2David Lyons
10James Kavanagh S1James Kavanagh S1James Kavanagh S1 0-1
11Padraig O'Neill 0-1John Doyle 1-8John Doyle 1-4
12Ken Donnelly S2Ken Donnelly 0-1Ken Donnelly
13Tadhg Fennin S4 0-1Mikey ConwayMikey Conway S2
14John Doyle 0-4Jason Phillips 0-1Jason Phillips
15Mikey ConwayPadraig O'Neill 1-2Padraig O'Neill 0-1
S1Jason PhillipsTerry Rossiter S3Mick Foley 0-1
S2Ronan SweeneyMick FoleyTerry Rossiter 0-1
S3Mick FoleyTommy ArchibaldMark Scanlon
S4Derek McCormack
S5Mark Scanlon

O’Byrne Cup & National Football League (Div 1B) 2007

PosLaois (O)Meath (O)Longford (O)Armagh (L)Down (L)Derry (L)Galway (L)Louth (L)Westmeath (L)Laois (L)Donegal (L)
1Enda MurphyEnda MurphyJames KindreganEnda MurphyEnda MurphyEnda MurphyEnda MurphyEnda MurphyEnda MurphyEnda MurphyEnda Murphy
2Timmy DowlingTimmy DowlingAnthony RainbowEamon CallaghanEamon CallaghanEamon CallaghanEamon CallaghanEamon CallaghanEamon CallaghanEamon CallaghanEamon Callaghan
3David LyonsDavid LyonsEamon CallaghanDavid LyonsDavid LyonsDavid LyonsDavid LyonsDavid LyonsDavid LyonsDavid LyonsDavid Lyons
4Emmet BoltonAndriu MacLochlainnAndriu MacLochlainnAndriu MacLochlainnTimmy DowlingEmmet BoltonEmmet BoltonAndriu MacLochlainnAndriu MacLochlainnAndriu MacLochlainnAndriu MacLochlainn
5Brian FlanaganMark Scanlon 1-0Mark ScanlonMark ScanlonEmmet Bolton 0-1Anthony RainbowAnthony RainbowAnthony RainbowAnthony Rainbow S4Anthony Rainbow s2Anthony Rainbow
6Damien HendyMark HogartyMark HogartyMark HogartyMark HogartyMark HogartyMark HogartyMark Hogarty S3Mark HogartyMark Hogarty 0-1Mark Hogarty
7Niall Browne S3 0-1Emmet Bolton 0-1Emmet Bolton S4Anthony RainbowAnthony Rainbow 0-1Mark Scanlon 0-1Mark Scanlon S1Emmet Bolton 0-3Emmet BoltonEmmet Bolton 0-1Emmet Bolton
8Ken Donnelly 0-2Dermot EarleyDermot Earley S1Killian BrennanKillian Brennan 0-1Killian BrennanKevin O'NeillKillian BrennanKillian Brennan S3Killian BrennanKillian Brennan S1
9Killian Brennan S4Willie Heffernan S2Killian Brennan 1-0Dermot EarleyWillie HeffernanWillie Heffernan S1Killian Brennan 0-1Kevin O'NeillKevin O'NeillKevin O'Neill 0-1Kevin O'Neill
10Adrian McAndrew S1 0-1Derek McCormack S1 0-1Pierre Ennis 0-1Derek McCormack S1Derek McCormackDerek McCormack S2James KavanaghJames Kavanagh 0-1James Kavanagh 0-1James Kavanagh 0-1James Kavanagh
11Mikey Conway 0-1John Doyle S4 0-3John Doyle 0-2John Doyle 0-11John Doyle 0-5John Doyle 0-5John Doyle S2John Doyle 0-8John Doyle 0-4John Doyle 0-4John Doyle 1-6
12Murt DonnellyMurt Donnelly S3 1-0Murt Donnelly 0-2Ken DonnellyKen DonnellyBrian FlanaganBrian Flanagan S5Ken Donnelly S1Ken Donnelly S1 0-2Ken Donnelly S1 0-2Ken Donnelly S2
13Mark Fitzharris S2Padraig O'Neill 1-3Tadhg Fennin S3Padraig O'Neill 0-1Padraig O'Neill 0-2Padraig O'Neill 0-2Padraig O'Neill 0-2Tadhg Fennin S2 0-1Tadhg Fennin S2 0-1Tadhg Fennin S3 0-3Tadhg Fennin S4 0-2
14Tomas O'ConnorTomas O'Connor 0-1Derek McCormackTomas O'ConnorTomas O'Connor 0-1Tomas O'Connor S3Tomas O'Connor S3Jason PhillipsJason PhillipsJason PhillipsJason Phillips
15Tommy Archibald S5 0-1Tommy ArchibaldDavid Jordan S2Murt DonnellyMurt Donnelly 1-0Murt Donnelly S4 0-1Murt Donnelly S4 1-0Padraig O'Neill 0-1Padraig O'Neill 0-1Padraig O'Neill 0-1Padraig O'Neill S3 0-2
S1David JordanKen DonnellyNiall BrowneMikey ConwayJames KavanaghKen DonnellyAndriu MacLochlainnTomas O'ConnorBrian FlanaganTomas O'Connor 0-1Tomas O'Connor
S2Mark O'SullivanKillian BrennanMark FitzharrisPierre EnnisJames Kavanagh 0-1Ken DonnellyDerek McCormackMurt DonnellyMark ScanlonMikey Conway 0-1
S3Mark ScanlonDavid JordanMark O'SullivanBrian FlanaganTommy ArchibaldJason PhillipsMark ScanlonDerek McCormackBrian FlanaganWillie Heffernan
S4Dermot EarleyMark FitzharrisDamien HendyAdrian KellyPierre EnnisTadhg Fennin 0-2Mark Scanlon
S5Pierre Ennis 0-1David LyonsDerek McCormack 0-1