2014 SF Match Details

Here are Kildare Senior Footballers’ Match by Match Line-Ups and Scorers for 2014.

The first table shows Championship 2014 details and underneath that are the O’Byrne Cup and National Football League (Div 1) details.

(CH) = Championship

(O) = O’Byrne Cup

‘(L) = National Football League

Players substituted are signified by Sx after their name eg. S1 indicates a player substituted by the first named Sub in the table.

Championship 2014

PosLouth (CH)Meath (CH)Down (CH)Clare (CH)Monaghan (CH)
1Mark DonnellanMark DonnellanMark DonnellanMark DonnellanMark Donnellan
2Hugh McGrillenHugh McGrillenCiaran FitzpatrickCiaran FitzpatrickCiaran Fitzpatrick
3Mick FoleyMick Foley S2Hugh McGrillen S2Ollie LyonsHugh McGrillen S7
4Keith Cribbin S6 0-1Emmet BoltonOllie LyonsEmmet BoltonOllie Lyons
5Ollie Lyons 0-1Ollie LyonsEmmet Bolton S5 0-1Mick O'Grady S4Emmet Bolton S1 2-1
6Fergal ConwayFergal ConwayFergal ConwayFergal Conway S6Fergal Conway S8
7Emmet Bolton S5 0-3Keith CribbinKeith CribbinKeith CribbinKeith Cribbin S5
8Tommy Moolick 0-1Tommy Moolick 0-2Tommy Moolick 1-0Tommy Moolick S5Tommy Moolick
9Padraig O'Neill 0-1Padraig O'Neill 0-3Gary White S3 0-1Gary White S2Padraig O'Neill 0-1
10Sean Hurley S2Cathal McNally S4Cathal McNally 0-2Cathal McNallyCathal McNally S3
11Eamon Callaghan S4 0-1Eamon Callaghan 0-3Niall Kelly 0-2Niall Kelly S3Hugh Lynch S2 0-1
12Cathal McNally S1 1-2Sean Hurley S3Padraig O'Neill 0-3Padraig O'Neill 0-1Eamon Callaghan 0-1
13Padraig Fogarty S3 0-3Niall Kelly 0-1Eamon Callaghan S1 0-1Eamon Callaghan 0-2Alan Smith 0-3
14Paddy Brophy 0-3Padraig Fogarty S5 0-6Padraig Fogarty 0-5Padraig Fogarty S1Paddy Brophy S4
15Niall Kelly 0-3Paddy Brophy S1Eoghan O'Flaherty S4Alan Smith 0-6Eoghan O'Flaherty 0-4
S1Eoghan O'Flaherty 0-1Alan Smith 0-2Alan Smith 0-3Tomas O'ConnorEoin Doyle
S2Alan Smith 0-2Ciaran FitzpatrickMick O'GradyEoghan O'Flaherty 0-3Niall Kelly 0-1
S3Tomas O'ConnorGary WhiteHugh LynchPaddy Brophy 0-1Tomas O'Connor S6
S4Daryl FlynnEoin DoyleTomas O'ConnorEoin DoyleSean Hurley
S5Ciaran FitzpatrickTomas O'ConnorEoin DoyleSean HurleyDavid Hyland
S6David HylandDavid HylandPadraig Fogarty 0-2
S7Mick Foley
S8Mikey Conway

O’Byrne Cup & National Football League (Div 1) 2014

PosAthlone IT (O)Longford (O)Carlow (O)UCD (O)Meath (O)Mayo (L)Cork (L)Tyrone (L)Dublin (L)Kerry (L)Derry (L)Westmeath (L)
1Shane ConnollyShane ConnollyMark DonnellanShane ConnollyMark DonnellanShane ConnollyMark DonnellanShane ConnollyShane ConnollyShane ConnollyShane ConnollyShane Connolly
2Mick O'GradyMick O'Grady S5Mick Konstantin S5Mick O'GradyHugh McGrillen S1Mick FoleyMick O'GradyMick O'Grady 0-1Mick O'GradyMick O'GradyMick O'GradyMick O'Grady
3Mick Foley S2Mick FoleySean CampbellMick FoleyMick FoleyOllie Lyons S2Mick FoleyMick FoleyMick Foley S3Mick FoleyMick FoleyMick Foley
4Joe KinahanJoe Kinahan S6Ciaran FitzpatrickHugh McGrillenMick O'GradyMick O'GradyEmmet Bolton S1Hugh McGrillenHugh McGrillen S1Kevin Murnaghan 0-1David HylandPeter Kelly S6
5Conor Tiernan S5 0-3Kevin MurnaghanEmmet Bolton 0-1David HylandKevin MurnaghanKevin MurnaghanKevin Murnaghan 0-1Paul Cribbin 0-1Kevin MurnaghanPaul Cribbin S2 0-1Hugh McGrillenFergal Conway S5 0-1
6Fergal Conway 0-1Fergal Conway S3Ollie Lyons S1Emmet Bolton S2Emmet BoltonEmmet Bolton S3Fergal Conway S2Fergal Conway S1Keith Cribbin S4Fergal ConwayGary White S3Gary White
7Paul Cribbin S1Paul Cribbin S2Willie Groome S6Paul Cribbin 0-1Paul Cribbin 0-2Paul Cribbin S1 0-1Paul CribbinKevin MurnaghanPaul Cribbin 0-1Keith Cribbin S1Keith Cribbin S5 1-1Keith Cribbin
8Gary WhiteGary WhiteSean Hurley 0-1Tommy MoolickTommy Moolick 1-0Tommy Moolick S4Tommy MoolickTommy Moolick S5 0-1Tommy MoolickTommy MoolickTommy Moolick 1-2Tommy Moolick
9Tommy Moolick S4 0-1Tommy Moolick 0-2Hugh LynchGary White S5 0-1Gary WhiteGary White S6Gary White S5Gary White S4Gary White S2Gary White S5Hugh Lynch 0-1Hugh Lynch S3
10Adam Tyrell S3 1-1Conor CanningConor CanningCathal McNally S1 1-0Sean Hurley 0-1Cathal McNally S5 0-3Sean Hurley S3 0-1Cathal McNally S3 0-2Cathal McNally S5Cathal McNally S3 0-1Cathal McNallyCathal McNally S4 1-1
11Eoghan O'Flaherty 2-5Eoghan O'Flaherty 0-7Robbie Dunne S4Eoghan O'Flaherty 0-4Eoghan O'Flaherty S4Eoghan O'Flaherty 1-2Eoghan O'Flaherty S6 0-2Eoghan O'Flaherty 0-6Eoghan O'Flaherty 0-2Eoghan O'Flaherty S6 0-2Mikey Conway S6 0-1Padraig O'Neill 0-2
12Cathal McNally 0-4Cathal McNally 0-2Adam Tyrell S2Sean Hurley S4 0-1Cathal McNally S2 0-1Sean Hurley 0-1Cathal McNally 1-2Sean Hurley 0-2Sean HurleySean Hurley 0-2Eoghan O'Flaherty S2Paul Cribbin S1
13Darroch Mulhall 0-7Conor Murphy S1 0-2Mikey Conway S3 0-2Paddy Brophy S6 0-2Paddy Brophy 0-1Paddy Brophy 0-6Paddy Brophy 0-1Paddy Brophy 0-3Paddy Brophy 0-1Darroch Mulhall 0-2Paddy BrophyNiall Kelly 0-5
14Rob Kelly S6Robbie Dunne S4 0-3Rob Kelly 0-4Darroch Mulhall S3 0-4Darroch Mulhall S3 0-4Darroch Mulhall 0-3Tomas O'Connor 0-1Tomas O'Connor S2 1-0Tomas O'ConnorTomas O'Connor 0-1Tomas O'Connor S4Paddy Brophy S2 0-1
15Padraig Fogarty 1-1Padraig Fogarty 1-2Seamus Hanafin 1-2Padraig Fogarty 4-3Padraig Fogarty 0-1Tomas O'Connor 1-2Darroch Mulhall S4 0-4Darroch Mulhall 0-5Darroch Mulhall 1-6Paddy Brophy 0-3Darroch Mulhall S1Darroch Mulhall 0-7
S1Kevin MurnaghanMikey Conway 1-1Peter KellyJames Gately 0-1Ollie LyonsDavid HylandDavid HylandDavid HylandFergal Conway 0-1Padraig Fogarty S4 0-1Fionn Dowling 0-2Sean Hurley 0-3
S2Hugh McGrillenConor TiernanConor Mellett 0-1Kevin MurnaghanJames GatelyFergal ConwayHugh McGrillenPadraig FogartyPadraig O'NeillDavid HylandNiall KellyFionn Dowling 0-1
S3Mikey ConwayHugh LynchConor MurphyRobbie DunneFionn DowlingHugh McGrillen 0-1James GatelyPadraig O'NeillDavid Hyland S6James GatelyPeter KellyEamon Callaghan 0-1
S4Sean Hurley 0-1Darroch Mulhall 1-1Barry NooneConor TiernanFergal ConwayDaryl FlynnFionn DowlingJames GatelyPadraig Fogarty 0-1Padraig O'NeillJohn Doyle 0-1John Doyle
S5Emmet BoltonMick KonstantinEoin NaughtonDaryl FlynnJames GatelyPadraig O'NeillDaryl FlynnMikey ConwayMikey Conway 0-1Eamon Callaghan 1-0Emmet Bolton
S6Fionn DowlingSean CampbellDaryl O'BrienWillie GroomeMikey ConwayMikey ConwaySean CampbellHugh McGrillenPadraig O'Neill 0-1David Hyland