2018 SF Match Details

Here are Kildare Senior Footballers’ Match by Match Line-Ups and Scorers for 2018.

Championship 2018

PosCarlow (CH)
1Mark Donnellan
2Peter Kelly
3David Hyland
4Mick O'Grady
5Jonathan Byrne
6Eoin Doyle
7Kevin Flynn 0-2
8Kevin Feely 0-3
9Fergal Conway
10Keith Cribbin S2 0-1
11Paul Cribbin 0-3
12Paddy Brophy S3
13Eanna O'Connor S1
14Daniel Flynn 1-1
15Niall Kelly S4
S1Chris Healy
S2David Slattery
S3Tommy Moolick
S4Eamon Callaghan
S5Emmet Bolton

O’Byrne Cup & National Football League (Div 1) 2018

Footballers’ Match by Match Line-Ups and Scorers for the O’Byrne Cup and National Football League in 2018

PosLouth (O)Longford (O)Dublin (L)Monaghan (L)Tyrone (L)Donegal (L)Mayo (L)Kerry (L)Galway (L)
1Aaron O'NeillMark DonnellanMark Donnellan 0-1Mark DonnellanMark Donnellan 0-1Mark DonnellanMark DonnellanMark DonnellanAaron O'Neill
2Mikey KellyMikey KellyPeter Kelly S6Peter KellyPeter Kelly 0-1Peter KellyPeter KellyPeter Kelly 0-1Peter Kelly
3Peter KellyPeter KellyDavid HylandDavid HylandDavid HylandDavid HylandDavid HylandDavid HylandDavid Hyland
4Eoin Powderly S8Mark HylandMick O'GradyMick O'Grady S3Mick O'GradyMick O'GradyMick O'GradyMick O'Grady 0-1Mark Hyland S1
5Daniel Courtney S6Ailin McDermott S9Jonathan ByrneJonathan ByrneJonathan ByrneCian O'Donoghue S2Cian O'DonoghueJonathan ByrneJonathan Byrne S4 0-1
6Jonathan Byrne S1 0-1Eoin Doyle S3Eoin DoyleEoin DoyleEoin DoyleEoin DoyleEoin DoyleEoin DoyleEoin Doyle
7Kevin Flynn 0-1Cian O'Donoghue S6Cian O'DonoghueCian O'DonoghueCian O'Donoghue 0-1Jonathan Byrne 0-1Kevin Flynn S6 0-2Kevin FlynnKevin Flynn
8Kevin Feely S7Kevin Feely S10 0-4Kevin Feely S5 0-2Kevin Feely 0-3Kevin Feely 0-9Kevin Feely 0-3Kevin Feely 0-5Kevin Feely S1 0-1Paul Cribbin 0-1
9Luke Flynn S10 0-1Tommy Moolick 0-1Luke Flynn S4Luke FlynnTommy Moolick S2Tommy Moolick S6Tommy Moolick S4Tommy Moolick S3 0-1Tommy Moolick 0-1
10Fergal ConwayRuadhan O Giollain S5Fergal Conway S3Fergal Conway S5Fergal Conway S4 0-2Fergal Conway S5 0-1Fergal Conway S5 0-1Fergal Conway S6Fergal Conway S2
11David SlatteryDaniel Flynn S1 0-2Chris Healy S2Chris Healy S6Niall Kelly S3 0-1Niall Kelly S4 1-0Niall Kelly 0-1Keith Cribbin S2Keith Cribbin
12Mark Sherry S5Paul Cribbin S11 0-2Paul Cribbin 0-1Paul Cribbin S1 0-3Paul Cribbin 0-1Paul Cribbin S3Keith Cribbin S2Paddy Brophy S4 0-1Paddy Brophy 0-1
13Brian McLoughlin S9 0-2Jimmy Hyland S2Neil Flynn S1 0-1Ben McCormack S4 0-3Ben McCormack S1 0-1Ben McCormack S1David Slattery S1Ben McCormack S5 0-1Jimmy Hyland S5 0-1
14Chris Healy S3 0-1Eamon Callaghan S8Daniel Flynn 1-2Daniel FlynnDaniel Flynn 0-1Daniel Flynn 1-1Daniel Flynn 1-0Daniel Flynn 0-6Eanna O'Connor 0-4
15Cathal McNally S2Eoin Lawless S7 0-1Cathal McNallyCathal McNally S2Paddy Brophy S5Keith CribbinPaddy Brophy S3 0-1Niall Kelly 0-1Eamon Callaghan S3
S1Eoin DoylePaddy Brophy S4David SlatteryDavid SlatteryJimmy HylandPaddy BrophyBen McCormack 0-1Paul CribbinMark Dempsey
S2Neil Flynn 0-3Neil FlynnNiall KellyNiall Kelly 0-2Luke FlynnKevin Flynn 0-1Jonathan ByrneDavid SlatteryFionn Dowling
S3Keith Cribbin S4Jonathan ByrneTommy MoolickMark HylandChris HealyDavid Slattery 1-0Paul CribbinFionn Dowling 0-1David Slattery
S4Chris HealyDaniel FlynnBen McCormackPaddy Brophy 0-1Keith CribbinChris HealyFionn Dowling 0-1Mark SherryDaniel Courtney 0-1
S5Keith CribbinPascal ConnellEamon Callaghan 0-3Eamon CallaghanCathal McNallyFionn DowlingChris HealyCathal McNallyRuadhan O Giollain
S6Jonathan ByrneKeith CribbinMark HylandJimmy HylandMark SherryJimmy HylandJimmy Hyland
S7Tommy MoolickFionn Dowling
S8Cian O'DonoghueChris Healy 0-2
S9Fionn DowlingDavid Hyland
S10Pascal ConnellLuke Flynn 0-1
S11David Slattery