2019 SF Match Details

Here are Kildare Senior Footballers’ Match by Match Line-Ups and Scorers for 2019

Championship 2019

Footballers’ Match by Match Line-Ups and Scorers for the 2019 Championship campaign

PosWicklow (CH)Longford (CH)Longford (CH)Dublin (CH)Antrim (CH)Tyrone (CH)
1Mark DonnellanMark DonnellanMark DonnellanMark DonnellanMark DonnellanMark Donnellan
2Mark DempseyMark DempseyMark DempseyMark DempseyMark DempseyMark Dempsey
3Mark HylandDavid Hyland 0-4David HylandMick O'Grady 0-1Mick O'Grady 0-1Mick O'Grady
4David Hyland 0-1Mark HylandMick O'GradyDavid Hyland 0-1Peter Kelly S5Peter Kelly 0-1
5Peter KellyPeter KellyPeter KellyPeter KellyCian O'Donoghue S3Cian O'Donoghue
6Eoin DoyleEoin DoyleEoin DoyleEoin DoyleEoin DoyleEoin Doyle
7Keith Cribbin S1Keith Cribbin S7Keith Cribbin 0-1Keith CribbinDavid HylandDavid Hyland
8Kevin FeelyKevin FeelyKevin Feely S2Kevin Feely S4 0-1Kevin Feely 0-2Kevin Feely 1-2
9Fergal Conway 0-1Fergal Conway S4 0-2Tommy Moolick 0-3Tommy Moolick S2Fergal Conway 1-2Fergal Conway 0-3
10David Slattery S4David Slattery S8David Slattery S5 0-1David Slattery S5David Slattery S4David Slattery S4
11Ben McCormack S3 0-2Ben McCormack S1 0-3Fergal Conway 1-1Chris Healy S3Chris Healy S1Chris Healy S3
12Eoghan O'Flaherty S2 0-4Eoghan O'Flaherty S2 0-1Paddy Brophy S4 0-1Fergal ConwayKeith Cribbin S2Keith Cribbin S2
13Adam Tyrrell S5 0-5Adam Tyrrell S5 1-7Ben McCormack S3 0-2Adam Tyrrell 0-4Adam Tyrrell S6 0-7Adam Tyrrell 0-5
14Paddy Brophy 0-1Paddy Brophy S6 0-1Adam Tyrrell S6 0-3Ben McCormack 0-3Ben McCormackBen McCormack S1
15Jimmy HylandNeil Flynn S3Jimmy Hyland S1Neil Flynn S1 0-1Neil Flynn 0-8Neil Flynn S5 0-3
S1Cian O'DonoghueConor Hartley 0-1Neil Flynn 0-5Kevin O'CallaghanJimmy Hyland 0-3Jimmy Hyland S6
S2Neil Flynn 0-1Niall KellyNiall Kelly 0-1Cian O'DonoghueTommy Mooolick 0-1Tommy Mooolick 0-1
S3Conor HartleyJimmy Hyland 0-2Cathal McNallyJimmy HylandMark HylandMark Barrett
S4Tommy MoolickTommy MoolickEoghan O'FlahertyEoghan O'FlahertyEoghan O'FlahertyEoghan O'Flaherty
S5Jason GibbonsCathal McNallyChris HealyConor HartleyConor HartleyKevin O'Callaghan
S6Ben McCormackKevin O'CallaghanJason Gibbons 0-1Cathal McNally
S7Cian O'Donoghue
S8Kevin O'Callaghan

O’Byrne Cup & National Football League (Div 2) 2019

Footballers’ Match by Match Line-Ups and Scorers for the O’Byrne Cup and National Football League in 2019

PosCarlow (O)Offaly (O)Westmeath(O)Armagh (L)Cork (L)Fermanagh(L)Clare (L)Meath (L)Tipperary (L)Donegal (L)
1Mark DonnellanMark DonnellanMark DonnellanMark DonnellanMark DonnellanMark DonnellanMark DonnellanMark Donnellan S3Mark DonnellanMark Donnellan
2Mark Dempsey S7John O'TooleMark Hyland S5Mark DempseyMark DempseyMark DempseyMark DempseyMark DempseyDavid HylandDavid Hyland
3Mark BarrettMark BarrettMark BarrettDavid HylandMick O'GradyMick O'GradyMick O'GradyMick O'GradyMick O'GradyMick O'Grady
4Mark Hyland S8DJ EarleyMark DempseyMark Hyland S3David HylandDavid HylandDavid Hyland 0-1David HylandMark HylandKevin Flynn
5Cian O'Donoghue S6Jason GibbonsDavid Malone S3James MurrayJames Murray S3James MurrayJason Gibbons S4Cian O'DonoghueCian O'Donoghue S4Cian O'Donoghue S5 0-1
6Eoin DoyleJames MurrayEoin DoyleEoin Doyle 0-1Eoin DoyleEoin DoyleEoin DoyleEoin Doyle S4Eoin DoyleEoin Doyle
7Keith CribbinKeith Cribbin S1James Murray S8Keith CribbinKeith CribbinKeith Cribbin S3Peter KellyPeter KellyPeter KellyPeter Kelly
8Kevin Feely S2 0-1Paul Cribbin S2Fionn Dowling S7 0-1Kevin Feely S1Kevin Feely 1-1Kevin FeelyKevin Feely 1-1Kevin FeelyKevin Feely 0-2Kevin Feely
9Paul CribbinTommy Moolick S6Paschal ConnellFergal Conway 0-1Fergal ConwayAaron MastersonTommy Moolick S1 0-2Tommy Moolick 0-1Tommy Moolick 0-1Tommy Moolick
10David Slattery S5Adam Tyrrell 0-4David Slattery S6 1-0Conor Hartley S4 0-2Conor Hartley S1David Slattery S5Fergal ConwayPaddy Brophy S2 0-1Fergal Conway S5 1-0Fergal Conway S2
11Eoghan O'Flaherty S3 0-2Padraig Nash S7 0-1Adam Tyrrell S9Adam Tyrrell S5 0-1Fionn Dowling S2 0-1Fergal Conway S4 0-2Jimmy Hyland 0-3Fergal Conway S5Paddy Brophy S3Paddy Brophy S4 0-2
12Conor Hartley S9 0-1Eoghan O'Flaherty S5 0-2Conor Hartley S1Eoghan O'Flaherty S2Adam Tyrrell S4 0-2Conor Hartley S2Keith Cribbin S3Keith Cribbin 0-1Keith Cribbin S1Keith Cribbin S1
13Jimmy Hyland S4 0-3Jimmy Hyland S4 0-6Neil Flynn 0-6David SlatteryDavid SlatteryAdam Tyrrell S1 0-2Ben McCormack S5 0-3Neil Flynn 0-3Neil Flynn 0-5Neil Flynn S3 0-1
14Ben McCormack S1 0-2Padraig Fogarty S8 1-2Ben McCormack S4Ben McCormack 0-2Ben McCormack 0-2Ben McCormackPaddy Brophy S2Ben McCormack S1 1-1Chris Healy S2 0-1Chris Healy
15Neil Flynn 0-6Ben McCormack S3 0-2Padraig Fogarty S2Jimmy Hyland 0-4Jimmy Hyland 0-1Neil Flynn 0-2Neil Flynn 0-5Jimmy Hyland 0-1Jimmy Hyland 0-1Jimmy Hyland 0-2
S1Padraig FogartyDavid Malone 0-1Kevin FeelyFionn Dowling 0-2Aaron MastersonJimmy HylandAaron MastersonAdam TyrrellAdam Tyrrell 0-1Adam Tyrrell 0-4
S2Tommy Moolick 0-1Fionn Dowling 0-1Aaron MastersonAaron Masterson 0-1Neil Flynn 0-3Cian O'DonoghueAdam Tyrrell 0-1Paul CribbinKevin FlynnJames Murray
S3Padraig NashBrian McLoughlinKeith CribbinCian O'DonoghueCian O'DonoghueTommy MoolickKevin O'CallaghanAaron O'NeillFionn DowlingAaron Masterson
S4Brian McLoughlinNeil FlynnEoghan O'FlahertyJason GibbonsEoghan O'FlahertyFionn DowlingCian O'DonoghueJames MurrayJames MurrayTony Archbold
S5Jason GibbonsPaschal ConnellDavid HylandPadraig NashJason Gibbons S5Padraig NashJames MurrayKevin O'CallaghanAaron MastersonMark Barrett
S6DJ EarleyAaron Masterson 0-1Paddy Brophy
S7John O'TooleEoghan O'FlahertyCian O'Donoghue
S8David MaloneTommy MoolickJason Gibbons
S9Adam TyrrellPadraig Nash