Player Ratings v Longford

Another highly inconsistent performance from former Super 8 and Division One team Kildare, now struggling to put away run of the mill Division 3 and Division 4 teams:

Mark Donnellan 4 – catastrophic balls-up with the kick out and covered himself in the mucky stuff again with injudicious attempt to challenge for high ball leading to Longford’s third.

Mark Dempsey 6  – thought he was solid. Growing into it.

David Hyland 8 – outstanding performance around the field. Four scores from play a record for a back for Kildare. Played out the field (circumstance as much as design I think as he was tailing Quinn), but a perfect illustration of why he is wasted as a full-back.

Mark Hyland  6 – average. Likely to lose out when Mick O’Grady comes back.

Peter Kelly 5 – poor in the tackle along with the rest of the half-back line. Gave away too many frees. Contributed little coming forward.

Eoin Doyle 5 – missing in action to a large degree other than shouting at others. No barrier whatsoever to Longford.

Keith Cribbin 6 – see Peter Kelly and Eoin Doyle to a large degree, although he did at least lead some of the drives through Longford’s defence in the second half. Scuffed a great goal chance. Reached his 70th competitive appearance. Not sure he’ll make it to 80.

Kevin Feely 6 – didn’t reach heights, literally, of the Wicklow match. Was decent but looked to be struggling with the physical side of it once it over-ran.

Fergal Conway 7 –  another good display. Couple of good points and one of the few to drive through opponents. Surprised he was withdrawn when he was.

David Slattery 7 – better, much better. Hugged the touchline and created the goal for Tyrrell and another chance in extra time. Some engine.

Ben McCormack 6  – becoming a bit of an enigma. Gets great scores but often seems unable to control the ball. Strange substitution at half-time. Overall a positive contributor but can do a lot better.

Eoghan O’Flaherty 5 – very disappointing. Didn’t really get involved and his missed frees before half-time could have given us breathing room we ultimately needed.

* Adam Tyrrell 9 – played to a level befitting his self-confidence. Scared living daylights out of Longford with his pace and shooting was generally spot on. Took goal well. Best championship perormance for Kildare and his first goal for the county.

Paddy Brophy 5 – seemed to be playing out around midfield when we had the wind. Why? Offers very little these days.

Neil Flynn 4 – looks out of shape and took over 25 minutes to touch the ball by my reckoning. Rarely has he had such an off-day in Kildare colours.


Conor Hartley 6 – Did well when he initially came on. Wins some dirty ball that others seem unwilling to fight for and perhaps can fill a “Declan Kerrigan” role around centre-forward?

Niall Kelly 5 –  Sporadic involvement on his return. Will benefit obviously from game time as we go forward (assuming we go much forward)

Jimmy Hyland – 6 – lively on introduction, got his two points, but one of them should have been a goal.

Tommy Moolick 6 –  got involved. Limited impact.

Cathal McNally 5 –  seemed mainly concerned with ruffling a few feathers after a long absence. Didn’t contribute a whole lot beyond that.

Cian O’Donoghue, Kevin O’Callaghan – not on long enough although O’Callaghan made a brilliant high catch and almost set up McCormack for a winner.