New Data Tables!! – 50+ Years of Player Records (Oct 1969 to date) in easy to read format

GREAT NEWS for stat nerds!

We recently added another eight seasons of player appearance and scoring records to the senior football Player Records section of the website.

We now have all competitive appearances and scoring records from October 1969 to date.

However, the table software we were using was not the most user-friendly or interactive.

Now, though we bring you tables generated using market-leading data visualization tool Tableau which gives you a whole world of easily-accessible player information.

You have a number of choices to view players’ records:

  1. If you want to scan through the appearance and scoring records of EVERY Kildare player from the last 50 years we recommend using the Appearances table (it also contains scoring data but is sorted by Appearance). Different tabs give you the option to view All Games, Competitive Games only (League & Championship), just Championship, just League etc. You can select a specific club to see just that club’s representatives for Kildare. You can also view the stats from a particular season.  The Appearances table can be found here or just go to the first drop down option in the Player Records section.
  2. If you prefer to focus on Scoring records, you can access the same table but sorted by Scoring totals here or go to the second drop down option in the records section.
  3. A great new feature allows you to select an individual player (or all players from one club) and see their Season-by-Season record (appearances, scoring). Here you can see the ups and downs in a player’s county career over time. Click here or go to the third option in the Player Records menu drop down.
  4. BUT the really big addition in our view is the ability to see a player’s Match-by-Match record. This can be viewed here or simply select the fourth drop down option on the Player Records menu.

The screenshots below give an example of what’s available. Click on the heading to go to the working table.

Appearance Records 

Scoring Records

Season-by-Season Individual Player Records
















Match-by-Match Individual Player Records