2022 SH Match Details

Here are Kildare Senior Hurlers’ Match by Match Line-Ups and Scorers for the 2022 season.

The table shows all competitions played for that year.

(CR) = Christy Ring Cup

(L) = National Hurling League

(K) = Kehoe Cup

Players substituted are signified by Sx after their name eg. S1 indicates a player substituted by the first named Sub in the table.

PosCarlow (K)Westmeath (K)Meath (L)Kerry (L)Down (L)Carlow (L)Westmeath (L)Mayo (CR)London (CR)Derry (CR)Wicklow (CR)Sligo (CR)Mayo (CR)
1Paddy McKennaSeán BeanPaddy McKennaPaddy McKennaPaddy McKennaPaddy McKenna 0-1Paddy McKennaPaddy McKennaPaddy McKennaPaddy McKennaPaddy McKenna 0-1Paddy McKennaPaddy McKenna
2Tom Finnerty S4Micheál Hogan S7Micheál HoganTom Finnerty S3Sean ChristianseenSean ChristianseenSean ChristianseenNiall O MuineachainNiall O Muineachain S3Niall O Muineachain S5Niall O MuineachainNiall O MuineachainNiall O Muineachain
3James Dolan S7James DolanTom FinnertySimon LeacySimon LeacySimon LeacyRian BoranSimon LeacySimon LeacySimon LeacySimon Leacy S1Tom FinnertySimon Leacy
4Cathal DerivanCathal DerivanCathal DerivanSean ChristianseenCathal DerivanCathal DerivanCathal DerivanCathal Derivan S2Cathal Derivan S2Cathal DerivanCathal DerivanCathal DerivanCathal Derivan S1
5Micheál Hogan S5Seán Christianseen S6Seán ChristianseenRian BoranPaul Dolan S2 0-2Paul Dolan 0-3Paul Dolan S1Sean Christianseen S3Paul Dolan 0-2Paul Dolan S3Sean ChristianseenJack TraversKevin Whelan S4
6Mark Delaney 0-1Mark DelaneyMark Delaney 0-1Cathal DerivanRoss KellyRoss Kelly S1Niall O Muineachain S4Rian Boran 0-1Rian Boran 0-1Rian Boran 0-1Rian Boran S2Ross Kelly S1 0-1Rian Boran
7Paul Dolan 0-3Paul Dolan 0-2Paul Dolan 0-1Paul Dolan 0-2Kevin WhelanKevin WhelanKevin Whelan 0-2Kevin WhelanKevin Whelan S1Conan Boran 0-1Conan Boran S3 0-1Kevin WhelanConan Boran S6
8Jack Travers 0-1Jack Travers 0-2Jack Travers 0-2Cathal McCabeCathal McCabe 0-1Cathal McCabe 0-1Cathal McCabe S2Jack Travers S1Cathal McCabe S5 0-3Cathal McCabe 1-4Cathal McCabe 0-1Conan Boran S4 0-1Cathal McCabe 0-3
9Colman O'Donovan S1Cian Bracken S1Andy ShanagherJack Travers 0-1Rian BoranRian BoranSimon LeacyPaul Divilly S6 1-2Paul Divilly S4 0-1Paul Divilly S2 0-1Paul Divilly S5 0-2Paul DolanPaul Divilly S2
10Conor Kielty S2 0-1Cathal McCabe S3 0-1Cathal McCabeJohnny ByrneBrian ByrneBrian Byrne 1-0Brian ByrneBrian Byrne 1-2Brian Byrne 0-2Brian ByrneBrian Byrne 1-1Conor Kielty 0-2Gerry Keegan 0-10
11Cian Bracken 0-1Andy Shanagher 0-1Gerry Keegan 0-1Gerry Keegan 0-4Cathal DowlingCathal Dowling 0-2Cathal Dowling S5 0-2James Burke 0-10James Burke 0-9James Burke 0-7James Burke 1-9Brian Byrne S3 0-7James Burke 0-11
12Andy Shanagher S6 0-3Johnny Byrne S4 0-1Johnny Byrne 0-2Brian Byrne 0-4Johnny Byrne 0-1Johnny ByrneJames Burke 0-2Jack Sheridan 1-4Jack Sheridan 2-4Jack Sheridan S4Jack Sheridan S4Mark Delaney 1-4Johnny Byrne
13Pat Leahy S3Conor KieltyCian Bracken S1James Burke S2 0-1Kevin Aherne S1Kevin Aherne S2Johnny Byrne 0-2Cathal McCabe S5 0-1Gerry Keegan S6 0-4Gerry Keegan 0-6Gerry Keegan S5 1-2Pat Leahy S2Brian Byrne 1-2
14David Qualter 0-2David Qualter 0-6Pat Leahy S2Jack Sheridan 0-3Jack Sheridan 2-6Jack Sheridan 0-3Jack Sheridan S3 0-4Shane Ryan S4 0-3Shane Ryan 0-2Mark Delaney S1Johnny Byrne 1-4Jack Sheridan S5 0-4Shane Ryan S3 0-1
15Gerry Keegan 0-7Gerry Keegan 0-5Paul Qualter 0-7Kevin Aherne S1 1-0Gerry Keegan 0-7Gerry Keegan 1-3Gerry Keegan 0-2Cathal Dowling 1-3Cathal Dowling 0-3Cathal Dowling 0-1Cathal Dowling 1-0Shane Ryan 1-2Cathal Dowling S5 1-1
S1Daire GuerinColman O'DonovanConor Kielty S3Shane Ryan 0-1Shane RyanShane Ryan 0-1Mark Delaney S6Mark Delaney 1-0Jack Travers 0-1Shane Ryan 0-1Richie HoganDrew Costello 0-1Jack Travers
S2Darragh MelvilleFrank Bass 0-1Frank Bass 0-1David Qualter 1-0Andy ShanagherJames BurkeJack TraversTom FinnertyTom FinnertyJohnny Byrne 0-2Paul Dolan 0-1Cian BrackenMark Delaney
S3Eoin O'NialllDarragh Melville 0-1Jack HigginsDrew Costello (b)Shane RyanPaul DolanMark Delaney 1-1Kevin WhelanDrew Costello 0-1Frank Bass 0-1Jack Sheridan
S4Rossa StapletonAidan O'BrienTom FinnertyCian BrackenSean Christianseen 0-1Jack TraversShane Ryan 0-2James DolanSean Christianseen
S5Cormac ByrneEnda O'NialllAndy ShanagherAndy ShanagherPat Leahy 0-1Sean ChristianseenConor KieltyJohn RochePaul Dolan 0-1
S6Aidan O'BrienRossa StapletonPat LeahyPat LeahyAndy ShanagherSean BeanTom Finnerty
S7Eoin KelleherMatthew Eustace