2023 SH Match Details

Here are Kildare Senior Hurlers’ Match by Match Line-Ups and Scorers for the 2023 season.

The table shows all competitions played for that year.

(McD) = McDonagh Cup

(L) = National Hurling League

(K) = Kehoe Cup

Players substituted are signified by Sx after their name eg. S1 indicates a player substituted by the first named Sub in the table.

PosCarlow (K)Wicklow (K)Down (K)Meath (K)Carlow (L)Down (L)Derry (L)Kerry (L)Offaly (L)
1Paddy McKennaSean BurkePaddy McKennaPaddy McKennaPaddy McKennaPaddy McKenna 0-1Paddy McKennaPaddy McKenna 0-1Paddy McKenna
2Niall O MuineachainNiall O Muineachain S2Simon LeacyNiall O MuineachainNiall O MuineachainNiall O MuineachainNiall O MuineachainNiall O MuineachainNiall O Muineachain
3Sean Christianseen S1Sean ChristianseenSean ChristianseenSean Christianseen S3Simon Leacy S5Simon LeacySimon LeacySimon LeacySimon Leacy
4Cormac ByrneJohn McKeonCormac Byrne S7Simon LeacyCian ShanahanCian ShanahanCormac ByrneCormac ByrneCormac Byrne
5Simon LeacyConan BoranJack Travers 0-3Jack Travers 0-1Jack TraversJack Travers S2Cian Shanahan S5Cian Shanahan S1Cian Shanahan
6Conan Boran S3Rian Boran 0-1Cian Shanahan S8Rian Boran S4Conan Boran 0-1Conan BoranRian BoranRian BoranRian Boran
7Cian Shanahan 0-1Jack Travers S1Harry Carroll S3Cian ShanahanRian Boran S4Rian Boran 0-1Conan Boran S3Conan Boran S5Conan Boran 0-2
8Paul Dolan 0-1Jack Higgins 0-1Cathal McCabe S6 0-4Paul Dolan S2 0-3Paul Dolan 0-2Paul Dolan S3 0-2Alan Goss S2Paul Dolan 0-1Paul Dolan S3 0-3
9Cathal McCabe 0-2Paul Dolan S6Paul Dolan S5 0-2Cathal McCabe 0-1Cathal McCabe 0-2Cathal McCabe 1-2Cathal McCabe 0-3Cathal McCabe 0-1Cathal McCabe
10David Qualter 1-5James Burke 0-5Johnny Byrne 0-1Johnny Byrne 0-1Johnny Byrne S3 0-1Johnny Byrne S4Paul Dolan S4James Burke 0-12James Burke 0-10
11Gerry Keegan S2 0-1Gerry Keegan 0-3James Burke S4 0-7Gerry Keegan 0-2Gerry Keegan 0-2Gerry KeeganGerry Keegan S6 0-5Gerry Keegan S4 1-2Gerry Keegan 0-2
12Johnny ByrneSean Whelan S3Jack Higgins S2James Burke 0-13James Burke 0-11James Burke 0-7James Burke 0-10Paul Divilly S2Jack Higgins S1
13Cian Boran S6 1-1Cian Boran S5 0-4Brian Byrne 0-1Brian Byrne 1-1Brian Byrne 0-1Brian Byrne 0-2Brian Byrne 1-1Brian Byrne 1-0Brian Byrne
14Mark Delaney S5 1-1David Qualter S4David Qualter 0-3Declan Flaherty 1-1Cian Boran S1 0-2David Qualter S1Declan Flaherty S1 0-1Declan Flaherty S3 0-1Cian Boran S2 0-1
15Killian Aherne S4 0-1Killian Aherne 0-1Cathal Dowling S1 0-1Killian Aherne S1Cathal Dowling S2 0-1Cathal Dowling 0-1Cathal Dowling 0-2Cathal Dowling 0-1Cathal Dowling 0-2
S1Rian BoranHarry CarrollKilliane AherneCian Boran 0-1David QualterCian BoranKillian Aherne 1-0Jack TraversDeclan Flaherty 0-3
S2Jack Travers 0-1Peter O'DonoghueDeclan FlahertyDavid QualterDeclan FlahertyCormac ByrneJack HigginsCian BoranMark Delaney
S3Harry CarrollCathal DowlingDrew CostelloConan BoranKillian AherneDeclan FlahertySean ChristianseenMark Delaney 0-1Jack Travers
S4Declan FlahertyDeclan FlahertyFrank BassDrew CostelloSean ChristianseenMark DelaneyMark DelaneyJack Higgins
S5Brian Byrne 0-2Frank BassReece GavinCormac ByrneDrew CostelloDrew Costello
S6James Burke 0-3Micheal HoganSean WhelanSean Whelan 0-1
S7Peter O'Donoghue
S8Micheál Hogan