2018 SH Match Details

Here are Kildare Senior Hurlers’ Match by Match Line-Ups and Scorers for the 2018 season.

The table shows all competitions played for that year.

(CR) = Christy Ring Cup

(CH PO) = Promotion/Relegation Play-Off for Joe McDonagh Cup

(WC) = Walsh Cup

(L) = National Hurling League

Players substituted are signified by Sx after their name eg. S1 indicates a player substituted by the first named Sub in the table.

PosLaois (WC)Kilkenny (WC)Meath (L)Westmeath (L)Kerry (L)Carlow (L)London (L)Roscommon (CR)Mayo (CR)Wicklow (CR)Derry (CR)London (CR)Antrim (CH PO)
1Paul DermodyPaul Dermody S2Paddy McKenna S1Paddy McKennaPaddy McKennaPaul DermodyPaul Dermody S3Paddy McKennaPaddy McKennaPaddy McKennaPaddy McKennaPaddy McKenna S5Paddy McKenna
2Paul SullivanDylan Brereton S3Cian FordeCian FordeDylan BreretonCian FordeCian FordeCian Forde S5Cian FordeCian FordeCian FordeCian FordeConor Gordon
3John DoranJohn DoranJohn DoranJohn DoranJohn DoranJohn DoranJohn DoranJohn DoranJohn DoranJohn DoranJohn DoranJohn DoranJohn Doran
4Dylan BreretonPaul SullivanPaul SullivanPaul SullivanPaul SullivanPaul SullivanPaul SullivanPaul SullivanPaul SullivanPaul SullivanPaul SullivanPaul SullivanPaul Sullivan
5Diarmuid CahillEanna O'Neill 0-1Eanna O'Neill 0-1Niall O Muineachain S3Eanna O'Neill 0-2Sean Gainey S2Niall O Muineachain S4Eanna O'Neill 0-1Eanna O'NeillEanna O'Neill S5Eanna O'NeillEanna O'Neill 0-2Eanna O'Neill S5 0-1
6Mark MoloneyMark MoloneyMark MoloneyMark MoloneyMark MoloneyMark MoloneyMark MoloneyMark Moloney S1Mark MoloneyMark MoloneyMark Moloney 0-1Mark MoloneyMark Moloney
7Kevin Whelan 0-1Mark GraceMark GraceMark Grace S4Niall O MuineachainNiall O MuineachainMark GraceMark Grace 0-1Dylan BreretonMark GraceMark Grace 0-1Mark GraceKevin Whelan S2 0-1
8Chris BonusPaul Divilly 0-6Paul Divilly 0-1Eanna O'Neill 0-1Jack SheridanSimon Lacey S1Martin Fitzgerald 0-3Niall O Muineachain 0-1Niall O Muineachain 0-1Niall O Muineachain S1Niall O Muineachain 0-1Niall O MuineachainNiall O Muineachain
9Brian ByrneBrian ByrneNiall O MuineachainBrian ByrneChris Bonus S2Brian ByrneBrian Byrne 0-1Barry Cormack 0-15Barry Cormack S3 0-4Barry Cormack S3 0-3Barry Cormack S1 0-5Brian Byrne 0-1Brian Byrne
10Eanna O'NeillChris Bonus S4James Burke 0-9James Burke 0-9James Burke S1 0-4Eanna O'Neill 1-1James Burke 0-6Mick Purcell 0-1Brian ByrneBrian Byrne 0-2Brian Byrne 0-1James Burke S3 0-8James Burke S3 0-6
11Paul Divilly 0-4James BurkeRichie Ryan S2 0-1Richie Ryan S1Martin FitzgeraldMartin Fitzgerald S5Paul Divilly S1Paul Divilly S6 0-3Paul Divilly 0-3Paul Divilly 0-1Paul Divilly S4 0-1Paul Divilly 0-2Paul Divilly 1-6
12James Burke 0-1Kevin Whelan S1Jack Sheridan 0-1Bernard DeayKevin Whelan S5Kevin Whelan S4Kevin Whelan S5 0-1Kevin Whelan S3 0-1Kevin Whelan S2 0-1Kevin Whelan S4 0-1Kevin Whelan S2 0-1Kevin Whelan S2 0-1Bernard Deay S1 0-2
13Jack SheridanJack Sheridan S5Brian ByrneJack SheridanBernard Deay S3 0-1Chris BonusMark Delaney 0-2Brian Byrne S2Mark Delaney S1Shane Ryan 0-3Shane Ryan 0-2Shane Ryan S1 1-0Mark Delaney
14Richie RyanMartin Fitzgerald 0-1Martin Fitzgerald 0-2Martin Fitzgerald 1-0Mark Delaney 0-1Mark Delaney 0-5Eanna O'Neill 0-1Martin Fitzgerald S4 3-3Martin FitzgeraldMartin Fitzgerald 2-1Martin Fitzgerald 1-1Martin Fitzgerald S4 0-1Martin Fitzgerald
15Cathal DowlingShane RyanChris Bonus S3Chris Bonus S2Shane RyanShane Ryan S3Chris Bonus S2 0-1Shane Ryan 1-0Shane Ryan 1-2Chris Bonus S2 0-1Jack Sheridan S3 2-0Jack Sheridan 2-2Jack Sheridan
S1Mark Delaney 0-2Richie RyanPaul DermodyShane Ryan 1-1Diarmuid CahillDiarmuid CahillShane RyanDylan BreretonBernard Deay 0-1Bernard DeayJames Burke 0-4Mark Delaney 0-2Chris Bonus 0-1
S2Paddy McKennaPaddy McKennaBernard DeayKevin WhelanPaul Divilly S4 0-1Jack SheridanJack SheridanChris BonusChris Bonus 0-1Jack Sheridan 2-5Bernard DeayBernard DeayDiarmuid Cahill
S3Barry Cormack 0-1Cian FordeKevin WhelanDiarmuid CahillTadhg FordeEoin O'HehirPaddy McKennaBernard DeayJack Sheridan 1-1James Burke 0-2Mark DelaneyMick PurcellSean Gainey
S4Simon LaceySean GaineySean GaineySean GaineyCathal DowlingDiarmuid CahillMark DelaneyMark DelaneyChris BonusBarry CormackBarry Cormack S4
S5Cathal DerivanCathal DowlingCathal Dowling 0-1Barry CormackCathal DowlingSimon LaceyDylan BreretonPaul DermodyShane Walsh
S6Sean Gainey