2019 SH Match Details

Here are Kildare Senior Hurlers’ Match by Match Line-Ups and Scorers for the 2019 season.

The table shows all competitions played for that year.

(CR) = Christy Ring Cup

(KC) = Kehoe Cup

(L) = National Hurling League

Players substituted are signified by Sx after their name eg. S1 indicates a player substituted by the first named Sub in the table.

PosMeath (KC)Wicklow (KC)Antrim (KC)Donegal (L)Warwickshire (L)Derry (L)Wicklow (L)Down (L)Roscommon (CR)Meath (CR)London (CR)
1Paddy McKennaMark DoyleMark DoylePaddy McKenna 0-1Paddy McKennaPaddy McKennaPaddy McKennaPaddy McKenna 0-1Paddy McKennaPaddy McKennaPaddy McKenna
2Cathal DerivanConor Gordon S1Cathal DerivanCathal DerivanCathal DerivanCathal DerivanCathal Derivan S1Rian BoranJames DolanDiarmuid CahillDiarmuid Cahill
3John DoranJohn DoranJohn DoranJohn DoranJohn DoranJohn DoranJohn DoranJohn DoranDiarmuid CahillJohn DoranJohn Doran
4Paul FeerickCathal Derivan S6James DolanJames DolanJames Dolan S3James DolanJames DolanJames DolanRian BoranRian BoranRian Boran
5Sean ChristiansenSean Christiansen 0-2Sean ChristiansenDiarmuid CahillDiarmuid CahillDiarmuid Cahill S2Ross KellyRoss KellyNiall Ó Muineacháin 0-1Kevin Whelan S4Niall Ó Muineacháin
6Martin FitzgeraldMartin FitzgeraldMartin FitzgeraldMartin FitzgeraldMartin FitzgeraldMartin FitzgeraldNiall Ó MuineacháinNiall Ó MuineacháinRoss Kelly S2Ross KellyRoss Kelly
7Diarmuid Cahill 0-1Diarmuid Cahill S5Diarmuid Cahill S5Rian Boran 0-1Rian BoranRian BoranRian BoranKevin WhelanAran KellyNiall Ó MuineacháinAran Kelly S1
8Brian Byrne 0-7Paul Divilly 0-3Paul Divilly 0-1Kevin Whelan 0-4Kevin Whelan 1-2Niall Ó MuineacháinMartin Fitzgerald S4Paul DivillyJack Travers S4Jack Travers S5 0-2Jack Travers 0-1
9Barry Cormack S1Aran Kelly S2 0-1Aran Kelly S1Ross Kelly S1Ross KellyRoss Kelly S3Paul Divilly 0-3Brian Byrne 0-6Kevin Whelan 0-2Paul Divilly 0-1Paul Divilly
10Caolan Smith 1-0Barry CormackBarry Cormack S2Paul Divilly 0-1Paul Divilly 0-1Paul Divilly 0-2Kevin Whelan S2Conor Dowling 0-2John Gorman S3Gary Johnson S1Kevin Whelan 0-1
11Paul Divilly 0-1Brian Byrne 1-6Brian Byrne 0-11Brian Byrne 1-5Brian Byrne 3-14Brian Byrne 0-10Brian Byrne 1-9Paul Kennedy S1Brian Byrne 0-8Brian Byrne 0-8Brian Byrne 0-4
12Kevin Whelan S4 0-1Reece Gavin S3 0-1Bernard Deay 1-1James Burke S3 0-1Conor Dowling S4Cathal DowlingJohn O'GormanJames BurkeJames BurkeJames Burke 0-2James Burke 0-3
13Conor Dowling S3 0-1Conor Dowling 0-2Conor Dowling S3Ryan Casey S2 0-1Caolan Smith S5 0-2Barry Cormack 0-2Cathal Dowling 0-2Cathal Dowling 0-1Conor Dowling S1John Gorman S2 1-0Martin Fitzgerald 0-1
14Bernard Deay S5 0-1Bernard Deay 0-1Caolan Smith 0-2Caolan Smith 0-1James Burke S1Conor Dowling S1 0-1James Burke 0-2Martin Fitzgerald 0-2Martin Fitzgerald 0-1Martin Fi tzgerald S3Mark Delaney S2
15Chris Bonus S2 0-1Caolan Smith S4Ryan Casey S4 0-1Bernard Deay 1-1Bernard Deay S2 1-0Caolan Smith 1-0Caolan Smith S3Jack Sheridan 0-1Jack Sheridan 1-2Jack SheridanJack Sheridan 2-9
S1Reece GavinPaul FeerickJames Burke 0-3Conor DowlingBarry Cormack 1-0John Gorman 0-1Jack SheridanBarry CormackMark DelaneyPaul KennedyConor Gordon
S2Ryan Casey 0-2James Burke 1-2Kevin WhelanBarry CormackMark Delaney 1-0Seán ChristiansenPaul KennedyCathal DerivanMark DelaneyConor Dowling
S3Aran KellyRyan Casey 1-0Ross KellyReece GavinPaul FeerickPaul KennedyConor Dowling 0-1Paul KennedyBarry Cormack
S4Brian WatersKevin Whelan 0-2Aran KellyReece Gavin 1-0Diarmuid CahillGary JohnsonCathal Derivan
S5Chris BonusJames DolanPaul FeerickNiall Ó MuineacháinSeán Christiansen
S6Brian Waters