2020 SH Match Details

Here are Kildare Senior Hurlers’ Match by Match Line-Ups and Scorers for the 2020 season.

The table shows all competitions played for that year.

(CR) = Christy Ring Cup

(KC) = Kehoe Cup

(L) = National Hurling League

Players substituted are signified by Sx after their name eg. S1 indicates a player substituted by the first named Sub in the table.

PosOffaly (KC)Down (KC)London (L)Warwickshire (L)Roscommon (L)Down (L)Derry (L)Wicklow (CR)Roscommon (CR)Down (CR)
1Mark DoylePaddy McKennaPaddy McKennaPaddy McKennaPaddy McKennaPaddy McKennaPaddy McKennaPaddy McKennaPaddy McKenna S5Mark Doyle
2Niall Ó MuineacháinConor GordonSimon LeacyCian FordeConor GordonCian FordeCian FordeCathal Derivan S2Simon LeacySimon Leacy
3John DoranRian BoranAran Kelly S1Simon LeacyJohn DoranJohn DoranJohn DoranJohn DoranJohn DoranJohn Doran
4Cathal DerivanSimon LeacyCian FordeRian Boran S4Simon LeacySimon LeacySimon LeacySimon LeacyCian ShanahanCian Shanahan S1
5Simon Leacy 0-1Niall Ó MuineacháinNiall Ó MuineacháinNiall Ó Muineacháin 0-2Niall Ó Muineacháin 0-1Niall Ó MuineacháinNiall Ó MuineacháinNiall Ó MuineacháinNiall Ó Muineacháin 0-2Niall Ó Muineacháin
6Rian Boran S4Ross KellyRoss Kelly 0-1Aran KellyRoss KellyRoss KellyRoss KellyRian BoranRian Boran 0-1Rian Boran
7Drew Costello S5Seán Christiansen S5Rian BoranCathal Derivan 0-1Rian BoranRian BoranRian BoranJack Travers S1Kevin Whelan 0-1Kevin Whelan
8Aran Kelly S1Paul Divilly S3Paul Divilly 0-1Paul Divilly S3Paul Divilly S3 0-2Paul Divilly 0-1Jack TraversKevin WhelanCathal Dowling S3Cathal Dowling
9Ronan Dunne S2Conor Kielty S6Cathal Dowling S3 0-1Mark DelaneyAran KellyAran Kelly S1Paul DivillyPaul Divilly S5Paul Divilly 0-2Paul Divilly 1-1
10Jack Sheridan 0-5Tadhg Forde S4 0-2Mark Delaney S4 0-3Cathal DowlingCathal Dowling S2 0-2Cathal DowlingCathal Dowling S1 0-1James Burke 0-3James Burke 1-2James Burke 0-2
11James BurkeLiam Dempsey S1 0-1Brian Byrne 1-13Brian Byrne 3-9Brian Byrne 1-11Brian Byrne 0-5Brian Byrne 1-2Jack Sheridan 2-4Jack Sheridan S4 2-6Jack Sheridan 1-4
12Caolan SmithConor Dowling S7 0-3James Burke 0-1James Burke S2 0-3James Burke 1-0James Burke 0-2James Burke 0-1Conor Dowling S4 0-1Conor Dowling S1 0-1Conor Dowling S2
13Seán WhelanCaolan Smith 0-1Tadhg Forde S2 0-1Conor Kielty S1Conor Kielty S1 1-0Caolan Smith S2Caolan Smith 0-2Brian Byrne 0-3Tadhg Forde S2Tadhg Forde S3 1-0
14Cathal Melville S3 0-1Cian Forde S2Jack Sheridan 1-4Jack Sheridan 0-2Jack Sheridan 2-4Jack Sheridan 0-4Jack Sheridan 2-7Cathal Dowling S6 0-2Brian Byrne 0-8Brian Byrne 0-7
15Mark Delaney S6 0-7Shane Ryan 0-2Shane RyanShane Ryan S5 1-1Shane Ryan 0-1Shane Ryan 1-0Shane Ryan S2David Slattery 0-1David SlatteryDavid Slattery S4 0-1
S1Cathal DowlingJames BurkeSeán Christiansen 0-1Declan Molloy 1-0Caolan SmithJack TraversSean ChristiansenShane Ryan S3Shane Ryan 0-1Seán Christiansen
S2Conor Dowling 0-1Aran KellyConor KieltyCathal MelvilleConor DowlingConor KieltyConor KieltySean ChristiansenCathal McCabeShane Ryan 0-1
S3Shane Ryan 0-3Mark Delaney 0-3Conor DowlingLiam DempseyCathal MelvilleMuiris CurtinSean ChristiansenKevin Aherne
S4Conor GordonJack SheridanCathal MelvilleRonan DunneTadhg FordeCathal DerivanCathal McCabe
S5Rian BoranCathal DerivanSeán Whelan 0-1Cian ShanahanMark Doyle
S6Jamie ConnollySeán WhelanKevin Aherne
S7Drew Costello